Future Implications

The social media landscape is continually changing.  But there are some trends that will continue to grow substantially through 2016 and 2017 that you can take advantage of.  One of those trends is video.  70% of companies report that video is one the most effective marketing tools within their social media portfolio (Holmes, 2015).  Meanwhile more than 7 billion videos are watched daily on Facebook and YouTube.  Animoto has a 2015 video marketing cheat sheet you should definitely check out.  Just a few highlights from their survey of 1,000 participants reveals the following (O’Neill, 2015):

  • Consumers would rather watch a video about a product vs reading about it.
  • Consumers highly value video that demonstrate how a product and or service works.
  • Consumers are more than likely to read email newsletters which include links to video, thus boosting email marketing campaigns
  • A majority of consumers prefer to watch a video more than once before making a consumer purchase.
  • Nearly 2/3 of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds.

Why is video so effective?

  • Video grabs attention
  • The brains processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text, in other words a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Video speaks effortlessly to human emotions and experiences
  • In comparison to text video images offer faster memory recall

Some even suggest that by 2018 video will account for 79% of all online traffic.  In spite of those stats and 80% of marketers seeing video as an important marketing tool only 10% are actually using video content while a large percentage of websites offer no video content at all (Hook, 2016).

What Else Does The Future Hold?
Actually Facebook’s VP Nicola Mendelsohn predicts that in 5 years Facebook will more than likely be all video for many of the reasons listed above.  The company is finding that video format is growing more quickly than originally anticipated especially with new formats such as Facebook’s new live video feature.  For example, live video receives 10 times more comments than prerecorded clips resulting in increased numbers for engagement.  With that in mind over 100 million hours of mobile video is watched by Facebook users per day increasing daily views from 1 billion to 8 billion over the course of one year.  And what about texting? Texting is actually declining year over year in comparison to video (Zillman, 2016).

So even though video is currently the present it will also continue to be an ongoing trend in the future and one you should definitely look to adding towards your social media mix.



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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Evian Natural Spring Water promotes the brand slogan “Live Young”.  You’ll find a lot of baby photos on their website as way of alluding that drinking Evian is a sort of fountain of youth.  Something that improves the quality, health, vitality and value of one’s life.  Of course it’s all suggested through emotional marketing which takes one back to their youth / inner child.  In 2011 the company did an amazing job of creating a video concept (Roller Babies) using cgi aided babies tackling extreme roller skating stunts.  The YouTube video was so successful it ended up going into the Guinness Book of World Records for most viewed video in 2 months at over 25 million views (Ankeny, 2014).  Awesome video watch it here:

In 2013 they put another video based on the same goals called Baby & Me which currently has over 132 million views.  The video is genius as it directly speaks to the brands goals and slogan for living young.  The video accomplishes the goal of being emotionally engaging, content you want to share with friends / family and content that raises brand awareness (Ankeny, 2014).   You can watch the video here:

Recap of Why It Worked
Many marketers are trying to come up with the next viral marketing video / campaign.  Many are hit and miss but some fall into the category of continued success based on a creating a recipe with what I believe to be the top 3 ingredients.

Ingredient #1:  Know Your Audience & Your Message
We’ve talked over and over about starting any marketing plan, campaign and or objective by first identifying your audience.  Who are you talking to and are you communicating in a way that your audience can relate with.  Are you using the right social channels for getting your message across?  Evian babies viral campaign reflects a clear understanding of their audience (men and women of all ages) while providing content / message their audience will emotionally relate to (be free, live young) along with using the best social channels for delivering their brand message (YouTube) (Bedor, 2016).

Ingredient #2:  Provide Good Content
When is providing good content never a good idea?  Whether you’re planning to go viral or not always start with good content that will build your audience (Lindteigen, 2016).  Evian provided a top notch engaging experience for their target market through the use of CGI technology which allowed consumers to interact with their child self.  The content went beyond just the message of “live young” to an actual interactive experience of living young and having fun, something that is still building a following for the brand.

Ingredient #3:  Laughter
Planning to go viral you can’t go wrong with laughter.  A Modes Studios survey mentions that 69% of Americans share good viral videos while 57% of Americans believed they could predict whether a video would be a viral hit or not with the biggest predictor being whether the video made them laugh (ADDING MULTIMEDIA Mode Studios Video Survey: 69% of All Americans Share Good Videos Online–Laughs or Social Sharing Are What Make Videos Go Viral, 2015).  Evian babies viral videos nailed it by engaging their audience with content that makes you not only laugh but makes you want to participate, maybe even dance a little and take a time out from being a serious grown up.

Have you had success with a viral campaign / video?  Why was it successful or not?


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