Small Business Be SMART with Social Media

Social Media and Large Corporations
It’s 2016 and a simple google search for “social media corporate success” reveals ongoing lists of various articles showing how large corporations like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, IKEA and more are successfully using social media to creatively engage with their audiences and build their brands.  For example McDonalds designed a Twitter social media campaign for Super Bowl 2015 where they gave away free products like a Toyota Camry.  The campaign created a lot of buzz for McDonald’s and according to some Marketing Analysts actually created more buzz than all of the other Super Bowl advertisers (Martin, 2015).

But I’m not McDonalds and don’t have a McDonald’s budget! What can I as a small business owner do to make social media work for me?  What’s the current state of social media among small businesses?
Yes.  I hear you!  And these are great questions.  First, I want to reiterate how a large percentage of small business are still missing out on the advantages of social media.  This could largely be due to small business owners not having the time to use social media for themselves and so may be opting to not use it for their own businesses.  Other reasons could include business owners not really understanding what a social media conversation looks like and so may not be opting to take the time needed to see what online users may be saying about their business and or business industry.  Factors could also be that business owners are separating social media out of their traditional marketing practices. Regardless of the reasons, I think if you ask any small business owner about the importance of traditional word of mouth marketing for their business all would agree that word of mouth is critical for keeping their businesses successful.  What some small business owners may be missing is the understanding that social media is nothing more than an electronic version of traditional word of mouth advertising (Lentz, O’Leary & Sheehan, 2011).

Tools Small Businesses Should Use to Improve Their Social Media Presence
Second, set and review your business goals.  Decide whether you want to use social media as a platform for increasing your sales, increasing customer service and or increasing engagement with your target audience.  Choosing a goal will help determine which social media platform will be the best fit for you.  It will also help to identify what metrics will be the best for measuring social media success.  Ultimately goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed (Lentz, O’Leary & Sheehan, 2011):

  • For more information on how to apply the SMART method for business goals click here.
  • For examples on how to apply the SMART method to social media business goals click here.

Let’s say that one of your goals is to improve Customer Service given happy customers are eager to spread the word about your products and services.  We’ll use an example case study from Hootsuite for small business Herschel Supply Co. based in Vancouver, Canada.  This retail company specializes in back packs, bags, travel goods and accessories.  Their target market consists of global consumers which are tech savvy and fashion oriented.  One of their main goals was to improve Customer Service.  How would they do this? What social tools would be necessary to accomplish this goal?  Ultimately they decided on the social management tool Hootsuite which would allow them to monitor online conversations about their business (Cisnero, 2014).

Herschel Supply, Co. concluded that the best way to improve customer service would be to try and respond to all questions found online, including those that didn’t mention their business.  They accomplished this by setting up search streams in Hootsuite which would allow them to monitor online conversations through the hashtags of #Herschel and #HerschelSupply.  With a specific goal in mind and choosing the right tool to support that goal Herschel Supply Co. was able to improve customer satisfaction by 20% (Cisnero, 2014).

So remember start with SMART and apply that method to your Social Media plan.  Then do the research on what tools will support your goals.  By the way, Hootsuite is an excellent social media management tool.  Definitely check out their website for more information on their products and how to use them.  And definitely check out their blog.  It’s got great information on the best social media tools to use with your goals in mind (Cisnero, 2014)!  Click here for more info and let me know how it goes!

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